Jennings’ Innings

The England debut of K. K. Jennings was a good opportunity to revisit, for ESPNcricinfo, the cricketing adventures of his namesake J. C. T. Jennings. In that piece space and time prevented exhaustively detailing all instances of cricket in the Jennings series; however, here is an opportunity to attempt to compile such a list.

  • Jennings Goes To School
    • Jennings daydreams about Lord’s while the headmaster discusses hibernation: “Jennings, what does a bat do in the winter?” “It—er—it splits if you don’t oil it, sir.”
  • Jennings’ Little Hut
    • Darbishire goes in at No. 11 and saves the game.
    • Strikes from both Jennings and Mr. Wilkins destroy the headmaster’s cucumber-frames.
  • According to Jennings
    • Jennings and Darbishire make an unauthorised excursion to Sussex vs MCC, hitchhiking with England amateur R. J. Findlater.
  • Just Like Jennings
    • General school-wide obsession with cricket.
  • Jennings in Particular
    • The boys hold a contest between a World Cricket XI and a team from Outer Space.
  • Unsure of title—can anyone help?
    • Darbishire, assigned to score, daubs takeaway advertising inside the scorers’ box; when he is instructed to clean it up, he misses scoring Jennings’ fifty.
  • Jennings Abounding (thanks to Quentin Rubens of the Linbury Court website for highlighting)
    • French student Henri is befuddled by Darbishire’s hapless efforts to explain cricket in French.

Please do comment or email if you can remember any further details—I’m sure there must be several I’ve missed.

The Shakespearean XI

“The play’s the thing”: now showing on &

Both the Wisden India website and ESPNCricinfo have posted my winning entry for the 2013 Wisden Writing Competition. The piece itself appeared in print in the 2014 Wisden Almanack, rather than the Wisden India Almanack, but it would seem that the Wisden India website is more fully developed and so is better suited to publishing online material. ESPNCricinfo, of course, publishes several articles from each issue of the Almanack, albeit rather later in the year.